Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little more humility, but some joy in the process.

Imagine how stunned I was today to look up from the fryer and see someone whom I had supervised as an attorney just a few months ago. Wow. There's a reason for it, though. I have to trust that. Some of the reason, I think, is to garner a new appreciation for how hard these kids work, and for the struggle the managers go through. The one manager who I had taken at the start as sort of a thorn in my side was great today. Incredibly encouraging and helpful. I got to watch her interact with a few other folks, though, and it almost seems that she's insecure because she didn't follow the "educational / management" path, but has had to learn from the "school of hard knocks." Maybe that's why the gruff exterior. I understand that. And, my estimation of her, for what it's worth, went up about 1,000% in just a few short hours this afternoon. AND, the cool thing is, people are starting to figure out I have a name, and they're starting to use it, and not just to ask for "order up." It's a good group of folks there.

And, Kathy, who commented on what an appetite suppresant working in a restaurant can be, is right on target. Just holding onto this to pay the bills, and hoping other doors will open. For now, though, staying put and taking in as much as I can, not just about the job, but about the incredible folks whose paths I'm getting to cross on this journey.

For now, I've gotten in my walk for the day, my work hours, and I'm getting ready to have lunch with my kids, after which we're headed to the library. I'm looking forward to some light reading and relaxation tonight. Boy, do my feet hurt!!!!!


  1. aha, you feel your feet. This is good. Did I ever tell you that ballet was part of Urs's growth? In high school she did Callenetics to stretch out a hereditary (other gene pool) stiff back. This was aside from whatever else was going on. At NKU she signed up to learn to dance and her therapist was a dancer, good way to get to know her body and make it strong.

    Now, we go to a ballet once a year together and have seen many over the last dozen years. She kept dancing on her own and achieved sufficient leg strength to dance on her toes.

    I appreciate the reassurances from both you and Katie. I can't worry about you two, just as I couldn't constantly worry about Urs. I have to let it go and trust you to fight for yourselves.

    And I do.

    I learned in Renaissance Epic class that the broad straight path leads somewhere you don't really want to go. The more difficult twisty one is harder to discern but better in the long run. I don't remember if that was Dante or Spenser. Brain cells may have been destroyed over time.

    My laptop is going to have to go into the computer shop for repairs - internal wireless switch is off. I am tethered to the router/modem in the study as I type.

    I'm beginning to miss having a workplace environment. Soon I will have to change that.

  2. I finally got around to checking Roger Ebert's blog today. He has earned his 30 year AA coin. The post was from Tuesday, my birthday. Of course he couldn't drink now anyway - no eating or drinking, just a g-tube after two salivary gland surgeries. But thirty years anyway.

    Some people were mad that he revealed too much AA stuff. The rest of us are proud.